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[2017 - Present]
The start of 2017 saw a revival in the idea of competitive spinning tops for Lee Owen, having used SLS 3D printing in other projects since 2015 it was apparent that this manufacturing process could change the way everyday products and ideas can be made.

Wanting to return to original concepts but taking on the data learnt from these, a new path began under the name of Combat Tops. A lesson learnt during education about business is always make sure you have an easily identifiable name.

Silver Tops although reflected what the concept was (stainless steel spinning tops) , there were problems googling silver tops coming up with retirement websites - hardly relevant! Wanting an easy name to use and one that had available internet expansion is how Combat Tops came around.

A new assembly system and ruleset had been in the draft stage since early on in the Silver Tops era but this never progressed any further whilst the fundamental functionality was still being worked upon.

Wanting to make competitive gameplay equal and fair, dimension limitations and some construction limitations were conceive to allow for a "global" understanding of what user's tops should conform to. A maximum outside diameter of 51mm before and after a match were chosen with a respective height to be confirmed after final product testing is complete.

The main drive behind the dimension limitations is to control the power such devices can contain but allow for a wide range of individual tuning in inertia, mass, weight distribution, diameters and shape, these should also simplify issues where carrying extra parts to compete against an excessively tall or short top can be prevented.

The dimension restrictions also help to conform to tops to a basic visually pleasing appeal which spectators can pleasing watch and want to attract them into competition.

Through the end of 2017 the final assembly design is being worked upon whereby the final top assembly modules will be turned into a template to standardise the exchange of parts and to also have a functioning basic launcher to allow for demonstrative matches of the tops.

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