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First Colour Batch
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!

This is the first picture release of STTL01 Silver Knight, STTL02 Sonic Hog and STTL03 Winged Avenger

I recently got round to taking close up photos of the first 3 tops in colour.

I have modified an existing launcher to test the balance of the parts and am very impressed in the quality of the spin. I have some tolerancing to do to the CAD files of the Stainless parts (seen by the white plastic parts) to make assembly slightly easier. The spring is not shown as I will get these when I order the Stainless parts.

I have been doing some more sketching on the launchers so will work on getting a working launcher done next.

[Image: 26198030_1555881091161334_48625555550309...e=5AC31662]

[Image: 26171917_1555881207827989_46883721575607...e=5AEDA946]

[Image: 26172126_1555881184494658_20277495982842...e=5AB0E33C]

[Image: 26232043_1555881104494666_15739232553598...e=5AC5605F]

[Image: 26198143_1555881094494667_57374665838939...e=5AB59526]

[Image: 26170639_1555881347827975_59349638596094...e=5AB9FC25]

[Image: 26173333_1555881304494646_53881592359303...e=5AB2A520]

[Image: 26171005_1555881101161333_25944685760274...e=5AF8BB79]

[Image: 26171907_1555881374494639_26561834528982...e=5AF6201B]

[Image: 26170943_1555881391161304_27190447632528...e=5AF8A45E]

[Image: 26198415_1555881201161323_63773743362800...e=5AC4BB7D]

[Image: 26171819_1555881257827984_10672655787593...e=5AC27FE4]

[Image: 26198073_1555881294494647_16986479579456...e=5AEEBEF4]

[Image: 26172121_1555881311161312_86969226212599...e=5AC24090]

[Image: 26173361_1555881187827991_39471544498169...e=5ABFEC8E]

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